Randomizing Into Further

by The Threw Ups

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released April 11, 2017



all rights reserved


The Threw Ups Germany

Its A Band

-5 Grammys
-10 Oskars

for pretending success

Also Once a Bodyguard of a Hit Band Shared a Potato with me

but he only cooked his half

dont look back, future is priority

knowledge is power


also we have a kickstarter project running, itll be a documentary about the rehearsals of our first cancelled gig just before we split the 6th time.
also were trying to think
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Track Name: Day On A Swing
a very lost day
second half of august
doing clothes sharing in a second floor flat
chain smoking on a balcony
grabbing all the jewelry
next to a dog chewing pedigree
who's that sunken me
a bakery some early grey tea?

from the central room to central park we do this peer group thing
pissing on chests banging on their marks hella leave
back to the club
gas station, flesh and eggs
cheap beer in cups
no glasses left
because the bath tub's full of dishes soaked in soap
but we cant them without a boat

so back in the park
running away
stinging crowds
second replay
back and forth day on a swing
i kinda think im marrying that thing

so after some drinks
back into a house
the fifth 6th floor that allows you reopening it
as once it kicked in
nobody wants to go in
only finding 14 year olds
suffering a relapse after their first time use
so also we digged a hle into the filth
packed our bags not to change our shirts
im so scared theyre dying
wake up im too
s care
oh your confusion is lightning
oh oh its just a zoo
Track Name: Shaking Into Chemnitz Dawning
As we wave we identify our tutors
as they wave back we know what we're good for
theres money to have money to be
its good that we met but i dont want to partner up with you
shaking into chemnitz dawning
shaking hands community crawling
everybody wants to leave but nobody knows how to fit through the door
this tree doesnt have fruit it was made for leaves
Track Name: MC A
i gave her
some lines of blur
and she paints a big big tree
as rock as seed
with roots 10 million years deep


she did beg me to cut and slit
her woman mothers trousers
and she cry-laughed when i did
seeing her hated parents split
into wombs and sperms
no one alerted

Track Name: Running Out Of Daddies Booze
running out of daddies booze
to me unlikely and loose
feed one greetings and love
theres nothing gonna stop you playing with your guns
no electric chair
no birth to be undone
it doesnt really match up here in the pines
living on the couch all wrapped in book lines
taking off breaking news
most unlikely still loose
saw your friends come to town
now running naked around
i dont care if it hurts
the drum makes the beat
youre sending m love
im itching my head
it doesnt really match up here int he pines
Track Name: Sewer Game
will it be heard or judged
if i leave gas off my tank oh
its the sewer game for sure

you can have this one or nothing anymore
in tis sewer game for sure

so many idea covered in blood
then the sewer game came for a month

sewer game messing with my glass way
but i wont be here tonight
sewer game messing with my head again
not just the blame thats to blame

oh youve been not thinking away
you want someone else thats the way
oh sewer game jump on my back
and say yes to yeah oh

come on my wheel ive not been there
oh you just have it
its so wrong

sewer game messing with my head again
i just cant be here tonight
Track Name: Sail And Slide
We are sailing
we are sane and
we are sailing
Track Name: I'm Tired!
I'm tired
it's one of these days
im going to call a year
so one day at a time i'll remember a century yeah

I'm tired
insanity arrived
as golden 500 bugs
you cant remember too well
you spent it on drugs

i'm tired

dry on the chair
waiting for your affair to appear
teaching electricity
with electric shocks
the danger to appear
is the one who knocks

im tired
Track Name: Slide And Sail
we're getting
we're sliding
we're slidinng ig
we're getting in

the nation calls
the zeppelin answers

were getting in were sliding

you leave this town for something
i cant find the outside
am i correct

is this the place im supposed to be
i define the word "place"
with being here

if somebody tells me the word place
im thinking of my home
im thinking of this house

we're getting in
were sliding
Track Name: Sir Lighthead Commands
sir lighthead commands!
just fate!
just fate and divorces
sir lighthead commands
a dance and dance
sir lighthead commands
go back and find your pants!
Track Name: Then I Blacked Out
Then I Blacked out
jumped off the spin
fading all out
angle on my shin
turning out loud
on my lttle on
jittering slits and i am

gating the found in this villag eof tin
trying to reboot
sitting the dog
dog now in door now off
take this salty egg its fuel
the shape of today the shape of wool
a penis penis only matters if you have balls
i never see
cause its only calls

jittering slits and i am
trying to create my own little drum
trying to create my own little drum
fixing my clock my find a rhythm
coloring my shadow

smash this dolly head with tools
crowbar makes it well with the tooth
i didnt mean to spit
but im glad that its out
marry go round to loud to sound

jittering slits and i am
then i blacked out
jumped off the spin
Track Name: Feeding Trailer (Feat Emilia Noir On Percussion)
you know she cant be running to
seen you standing
too heavy to take off
you pay nothing you pay their rents
with less than 40 cents
so im asking for 40 cents
youre giving me your bare hands
dont cut
them i give them congrats
i say hi to them now give your hands
so she says
she cant be possibly
finding the end
she took over
now dig deeo
she digged very deep

having taken less than more shes taking nothing i can take it all
though having makes me grind for lighter heads
im filling backpacks with holes and tay
and to be
andt to be destroy

feeding trailer
now get a mouth
and tell her
dont stumble over long hair
dont mumble away your care
just dare

oh feeling is to be

feeding trailer
now get a mouth and tell her